Thursday, December 26, 2013


I hope every one of you had a wonderful, relaxing, fun and blessed Christmas Day with your chosen loved ones. 

I am ending the year with a sad note, as my dad passed away right before Thanksgiving of this year.  It has been a somewhat subdued holiday season for me and my family.

However, I am very thankful for my wonderful, supportive husband and two amazing children!  My life is full and interesting because of them, as well as my two beautiful sisters and their families.

I am looking forward with hope and excitement to 2014.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Catch-Up Post

Fall at the Nobel House
The last couple of months have been very busy for our family.  My husband and I are "empty-nesters" now, after bundling our youngest off to college in September!  It is a strange feeling for us, sometimes exhilarating and restful, but at other times lonely and full of worries (most of them thankfully unfounded).  

It is exciting to observe your children take those first faltering, yet eager steps toward independent adulthood.  And a little odd to be taking our own first faltering, yet eager steps toward being the parents of young adults.  Mixed in with all of this personal change, we have found the time here and there to continue working on our little cabin.

So, this is a catch-up post covering the last two months.  I am going to share photos of our front porch project, which is in the final stages, and various other projects that have filled our weekends.

Warming up the Tiles

Keeping the Porch Warm to set the Glue.


We enjoyed discovering the plants and flowers in our yard.  We also put in a planting bed behind the cabin for a small kitchen garden next summer.


We decided to use our "hidden walkway" to build a circular plantar around this tree.

~~~ The Holiday Season is Here  ~~~  
We have so many fun times planned with friends and family; I am looking forward to it all!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Front Porch, Part 2

Here are some  photos of our progress on the front porch (I should say, T's progress, since he has done almost all of the work!!)

The outer walls are up, and the door should be in by the end of the week. 



 I was out of town last weekend, and T. used the rocks from our old walkway to make a ring around this tree for a flower bed.  What do you think?  I like it!  I just can't decide if I should fill it in with rustic containers of flowers or if I should fill it in with soil and flowers, and use my containers elsewhere.

            I had to include this photo of Aussie -- He is such a pretty boy!

                                           Part 3 Coming Soon!  Stay Tuned ~~

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Front Porch, Part 1

This week we got started on our front porch makeover.  T. tore the front steps off and put in temporary steps.  Today, we tore out the posts that were holding up the front of the porch roof.  We were a little shocked (but not too surprised) to find that these posts were rotted completely through only about 6 inches below the surface of the ground!!  

T. dug two 3-1/2' deep post holes, and we set the forms and filled them with concrete.  In a couple of days, we will put up the new posts and get started enclosing our new front porch. 

The posts were attached to the roof using the "toe-nailing" method, and it was difficult to remove them without tearing big holes in the roof.  On the second post, T. used the chainsaw to remove all but a few inches of the post to make the removal process easier.

                                          Hamming it up for the camera.

 I have to mention that we had beautiful weather today for this job; not too hot, no wind -- It was just right!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Update

This has been a very busy, very fun summer!! I am looking forward to more of the same in the next month.  We are getting to know our new home, as more plants grow and bloom (I need to buy a plant guide and find out what I have in my yard!) 

We have enjoyed lots of rhubarb treats from the three hardy rhubarb plants and even harvested a few strawberries.  Our fire pit has been put to good use on some of these cool mountain evenings.

I am just about done with the "bathroom project."  Two things left to do: Install a permanent exhaust fan and install a new window.  Here are a few photos: 

Next in line -- Within the next week, we will be tearing our front porch off and building a new one that will be enclosed.  Fun times!