Sunday, March 24, 2013


We were told that our home was a former Forest Ranger Station, so we did a little research.  We found a photo taken in 1924 of the Crow Flats Ranger Station in Eastern Oregon.  We are reasonably certain that this is a photo of our home as it was in 1924.

Apparently, sometime in the 60's the house was moved to its present location.  The same family lived there up until this year when we bought it from them.  From the photo, it appears to have had an addition (left side of photo) that didn't make it during the move. 

In other "news," I enjoyed exploring the property for a little while yesterday.  Here are some pictures from my wanderings:

The horses enjoying the first green grasses of spring.

Looking south toward the cabin.

Our Spring.

Looking at the pump house from the old railroad grade.

Clear Mountain Water.

 Well, here it is Sunday evening; another work week about to begin.  My goal this week is to remember what I am living for and not to let the clamoring chaos of every-day-life drown out the peace and loveliness of God's creation.  I do not live for my job; I do not live for doctor appointments, or picking up the mail, or going to the grocery store.  I live for quiet time at home, for hearing my child laugh, for sharing my thoughts with my husband, for watching the brown and white colors of winter slowly turn to a vibrant rainbow of colors in spring.  I tend to ignore the many things worth living for when I am paying attention to the stress and hurry of the truly unimportant things that seem to consume my time.  Here's to more conscious, in-the-moment living this week!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This last week has been a blur.  We finally hauled the last trailer-load to our little cabin last Sunday.  Now comes the task of putting it all away.  I am longing for the day when everything is unpacked and put away and we have a real home.  

Since last October, we have been living with most of our things still in boxes; we called it "camping."  We knew we were not going to be in the rental house for very long, and it just didn't feel like home.  I didn't bother to unpack more than the essentials, and I felt no desire to decorate. 

After all those months I am home, and I want to look around and see a pretty, cozy, inviting home - not brown packing boxes!

My goal last weekend was to finish unpacking the kitchen.  I made a dent, but I still have much to do.  Here are some before and after photos.

What is wrong with the last picture?  Oh, isn't a sink supposed to have drain pipes attached to it?  --- The kitchen sink wouldn't drain, so we ran some Drano down it; still wouldn't drain.  T took the pipes apart to discover thick, black sludge blocking the pipes.  Yuck!  

T went to town and bought the parts he needed to put together a new drain and discovered he didn't have everything he needed. He sent me a message in town the next day to pick up the parts he was missing.  I was confounded by the "pipe department" at the local hardware store and came home empty-handed.  So he went back to town the next day and bought more parts; still missing a piece.  Today, he bought everything he needed to get the job done tonight; well, as it turns out, not everything........ 

I'm calling it the Kitchen Sink Saga.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Best Gift

Today we hauled our last load from our rental house to our little cabin.  I don't know if I have mentioned before that our rental house is 30 miles east of town and our little cabin is 20 miles north.  So, our moving route is 50 miles, one way.  These last couple of weeks have been busy, exciting and exhausting.

Yesterday, T mentioned that the best gift he ever received from his Grandma A. was our old moving cart.  She worked for years at the liquor store in Stanford, Montana; and when she retired, she gave T her cart from the store.  Grandma A. passed away several years ago and we still miss her a lot.  Thank you, Grandma, for making our lives a little bit easier these last few weeks!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Plugging Holes

We spent the evening plugging holes and painting.  There were areas around the outlets upstairs where we could feel the outside air getting in.  The door to the back porch was not sealed up very well (see pictures below); so there was more hole-plugging to do there.

Today, I thought about why I like to paint.  With a simple coat of paint, I can take something old, and ugly and worn-out and make it look new and pretty again.  Painting is a quiet, solitary activity; it is soothing and repetitive and gives me time to contemplate my day.  It is not hard to do, and the results are always so satisfying.  

 I can't wait to dress up my crisp, white kitchen with pretty things.

Ready, set.....

The beer-can hole-plug--Hmmmm.

Holes plugged with steel wool and tin foil.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Our Driveway

House and Front Yard

Back Yard

Pots waiting for spring flowers.

Blue Spruce in the Yard

Our Little Woods

The fences need alot of attention!

Our Meadow

The Barn

Inside the Barn ~ Lots of cleanup to be done.

Old Milking Stanchions

More Falling-Down Fences

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Starting Over

The idea of starting over has always seemed appealing to me.  So, last year when my husband (T) and I decided to sell most of our things and move 1000 miles away from our home of 14 years, it was quite exciting.  I am finding out that starting over can be a lot of work, and that I have more feelings of attachment to my "stuff" than I would like to admit.  

T and I have recently purchased a 700 square foot cabin in the woods that we like to call The Nobel House: a tribute to the former owners.  As we prepare to move into our little home, we are purging yet again.  It is quite a thing to look at every little "thing" that you own and ask yourself, "Do I really need this?  Why do I own it in the first place?  Will I ever use it?", etc

I am sharing some photos today of myself and my family preparing our "starting-over home" for move-in day.

 The Nobel House

The Bedroom


 Kitchen (with nasty counter top that must go!)

 Our first meal in the Nobel House (chili dogs, delivered to us by 
my friend, Kylee.)


 Ripping up nasty, old carpet.

 Getting rid of the ugly counter top.


 Painting and Scraping.