Sunday, March 24, 2013


We were told that our home was a former Forest Ranger Station, so we did a little research.  We found a photo taken in 1924 of the Crow Flats Ranger Station in Eastern Oregon.  We are reasonably certain that this is a photo of our home as it was in 1924.

Apparently, sometime in the 60's the house was moved to its present location.  The same family lived there up until this year when we bought it from them.  From the photo, it appears to have had an addition (left side of photo) that didn't make it during the move. 

In other "news," I enjoyed exploring the property for a little while yesterday.  Here are some pictures from my wanderings:

The horses enjoying the first green grasses of spring.

Looking south toward the cabin.

Our Spring.

Looking at the pump house from the old railroad grade.

Clear Mountain Water.

 Well, here it is Sunday evening; another work week about to begin.  My goal this week is to remember what I am living for and not to let the clamoring chaos of every-day-life drown out the peace and loveliness of God's creation.  I do not live for my job; I do not live for doctor appointments, or picking up the mail, or going to the grocery store.  I live for quiet time at home, for hearing my child laugh, for sharing my thoughts with my husband, for watching the brown and white colors of winter slowly turn to a vibrant rainbow of colors in spring.  I tend to ignore the many things worth living for when I am paying attention to the stress and hurry of the truly unimportant things that seem to consume my time.  Here's to more conscious, in-the-moment living this week!


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