Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This last week has been a blur.  We finally hauled the last trailer-load to our little cabin last Sunday.  Now comes the task of putting it all away.  I am longing for the day when everything is unpacked and put away and we have a real home.  

Since last October, we have been living with most of our things still in boxes; we called it "camping."  We knew we were not going to be in the rental house for very long, and it just didn't feel like home.  I didn't bother to unpack more than the essentials, and I felt no desire to decorate. 

After all those months I am home, and I want to look around and see a pretty, cozy, inviting home - not brown packing boxes!

My goal last weekend was to finish unpacking the kitchen.  I made a dent, but I still have much to do.  Here are some before and after photos.

What is wrong with the last picture?  Oh, isn't a sink supposed to have drain pipes attached to it?  --- The kitchen sink wouldn't drain, so we ran some Drano down it; still wouldn't drain.  T took the pipes apart to discover thick, black sludge blocking the pipes.  Yuck!  

T went to town and bought the parts he needed to put together a new drain and discovered he didn't have everything he needed. He sent me a message in town the next day to pick up the parts he was missing.  I was confounded by the "pipe department" at the local hardware store and came home empty-handed.  So he went back to town the next day and bought more parts; still missing a piece.  Today, he bought everything he needed to get the job done tonight; well, as it turns out, not everything........ 

I'm calling it the Kitchen Sink Saga.

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