Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sawdust In My Coffee

Our little house is beginning to look like a home.  We put up the last of the "hardware," ie, curtain rods, drawer pulls and our over-the-stove microwave.  Our good friends, Doug and Kylee, just happened to have an extra one, which they gave to us; and we really appreciate it.  

While there is still much to do, I feel like we can take a break from working on the house.  We still need to put in new counter tops in the kitchen, but what we have is working for now.  Here are a few photos of how the house is coming along ~
Installing a hanging lamp over our table.

Sawdust in my Coffee

Our Bedroom

Living Room ~ Got the curtains up!

Dining area.

Outside, Spring is definitely here!  I am beginning to see all kinds of plants and flowers coming up in the yard.  It looks like we have strawberries, and I am just going to watch and wait and find out what else we have!

~~ I'll sign off today with a photo of T. and our daughter enjoying the lovely weather.

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