Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Better Things

The locals tell me that we are having an unusually mild winter.  The weather does seem odd to me.  I've never lived anywhere before where it rains in January.  I can't complain about the beautiful weather, though.  Last Saturday we had blue skies and it was "jacket weather."

T. decided to burn some piles of branches from his clean-up efforts around the place.  

Stella and I decided that meant it was time for roasted marshmallows.

I only had mini-marshmallows - but they did the trick.


 Here are some photos of a recent frosty morning at the Nobel House:

Driving up to the gate.

T. holding the gate

And off to work we go.


Thankfully, the day after my last post we were able to thaw out our sewer line; so no more troubles there (I knew you were wondering.)

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