Sunday, March 23, 2014

Joy and Sorrow Interwoven

A Frosty February Morning

 The last three months have been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me.  Last November, just a few days before Thanksgiving, my dad passed away at his home in Montana.  I traveled the 1000 miles to his and my mother's home to help her with the arrangements, then traveled back home in a snow storm, missing a flight and staying an extra night in Salt Lake City.  

In December, I celebrated with my youngest sister, her husband, family and friends at a shower in honor of the impending arrival of their first child.  

Late January and then early February, word came that my mother was not well.  After her second round in the ICU, my sisters and I decided that I should travel back to Montana and spend some time with her.  I spent a week with my mother trying to help her adjust to her new life without dad, then came home not sure if I had accomplished anything.

The end of February, my beautiful nephew was born; and I spent two weekends in a row making the 600-mile round trip to visit my sister's little family.  It was wonderful to experience that new little life, especially after the sadness of the past few months.  

I am glad that Spring is here and so thankful to be able to feel, see, smell and experience it.  

The snow is mostly gone from the mountain.  

Two Horses and a Donkey

Clean Up - The old Loading Chute is gone.

What should we do with this - Counter top, bench?

Burning rotten wood and sagebrush.

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  1. Bittersweet becomes an honored part of life, I find. Spring brings forth its intensity just as the sap awakens the trees to new growth. Your photos are fascinating.