Monday, April 14, 2014

Stella and I took a walk....

Stella and I took a walk, last Friday evening.  It was so calming and peaceful.  The week had been hard for me.  I had been worrying all week about a close family member who was in the hospital, and work had been extra stressful.  

But, at that moment, I had my little buddy, Stella, the fresh air, the birds and the beauty; and everything was okay again.

The area that is clear of sagebrush is where we are going to build our house.

Our Spring

Curious Calves


  1. Stella looks just like speck!!

    1. I know -- Sometimes dad and I forget and call her Speck by accident.

  2. Haven't checked in for awhile. Hope you are doing okay out there. Glad that you have a beautiful place where there are such peaceful surroundings. Thinking of you today! Christine