Sunday, March 5, 2017


This weekend T and I continued working on our laundry room and kitchen.  I am feeling impatient to be done with these projects; but when I think that less than a year ago the cabin had a tiny back porch that barely had enough room for the dryer and my washer was in my kitchen, I am glad for what we have accomplished so far!  

This is what the back porch looked like before we demolished it last spring:

It won't be long before my laundry room is finished, and having the extra room for boots and coats as well as having my washer and dryer together in a real laundry room will be so nice after four years of the former situation!

Here is hubby hard at work on the new mud/laundry room this weekend:

On Saturday I worked on painting the kitchen and then helped T put up the ceiling in the laundry room.  We only have a little bit left before we are finished putting it all up.  The south wall of the room is the original outside wall of the cabin.  I want to keep that wall exposed and either clean it and leave it just as it is or paint it; I haven't decided yet which option I will go with.  

Here is our progress so far -- I just love that Blue Pine!

Today I continued painting the kitchen cupboards and finished cleaning the hardware that I removed from the cupboard doors a few weeks back.  I can't wait to see the cupboards once I have finished painting them and put the original hardware back on.  My goal is to have the walls and cupboards all freshly painted by the end of March.  Then I will just have the floor to do in white and I know it is going to look so awesome when I am done.  

Here is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in.

Here are photos of my painting progress so far:

This is the wood floor we found underneath four layers of linoleum.  I am going to paint it bright white; can't wait to see how it will look when I am all done!

It's hard to be patient, but when it is done I know I am going to love it!

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